Grant THREEpeats

Will Carson Grant cruised to his third consecutive TAG League title in 2014.  Grant scored 307 points over the six month season.  Final standings were (with match wins in parenthesis):

  • Will Carson Grant (3) – 307
  • Lee Houser (6) – 235
  • Rene Devito (11) – 198
  • Courtney Biel (8) -193
  • Roy Carter (1) – 185





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Spectacular Ryder Cup Match Ends TAG Season

Team Europe edged Team America 5-4 in TAG League Ryder Cup action October 26.  The tense match took four hours to complete and was not settled until the next to last hole of the 27-hole tilt.    The Europeans were led by Rene Devito, who earned three of the team’s five points.  Devito was named MVD (most valuable discer) following the match. Team Europe consisted of Devito, Chris Faunce, Cameron “The Glasgow Bomber” Fairchilds, and alternate Will Carson Grant.  Team America consisted of Cody Mullins, Stan Juchno, and Courtney Biel.  Various layouts were used.

The contest featured match play, head to head, with each participant playing every other member of the opposing squad for nine holes.  One point was awarded for each nine-hole victory based on the number of individual holes won and lost, with a half point being awarded for a tie.  The participants scored the following results (points in paranthesis):

Devito (EU) 3 points – defeated Mullins (1); Juchno (1); Biel (1)
Mullins (USA) 2 points – defeated Faunce (1); defeated Fairchilds (1)
Biel (USA) 1.5 points – defeated Faunce (1); tied Fairchilds (.5)
Faunce (EU) 1 point – defeated Juchno (1)
Fairchilds (EU) .5 points – tied Biel (.5)
Juchno (USA) .5 points – tied Grant (.5)
Grant (EU) .5 points – tied Juchno (.5)







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Devito Wins Final TAG Match

Rene Devito shot an 8 under par 48 on a mixed layout course to win the October 25 TAG League match.  Mike Wilson was second at 57.  Cameron Fairchilds finished third at 61, followed by Courtney Biel (62); Will Carson Grant (63), Junior McKinney (64), Todd Ashworth (70) and Roy Carter (72).  The match was the final regular season TAG League match.  The season closes October 26 with a Ryder Cup format.

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Houser Sweeps Weekend TAG Action

Lee Houser shot a 61 on the blue tees to yellow baskets layout October 19th to complete a sweep of TAG League action at the Kiwanis Disc Golf Course.  Other participants and there scores were:  Courtney Biel, 64; Ian Fox, 65; Mike Wilson, 66; and Cameron Fairchilds, 77.  The SAWDG TAG League concludes with a round of red tees to yellow baskets on October 25 at 11 a.m. and a Ryder Cup finale at 1:30 p.m. on October 26.

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Ryder Cup Slated for October 26

The SAWDG TAG League will host a Ryder Cup disc golf match at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 26.  The match will be held rain or shine.  Participants will be split into teams based on TAG positioning.  Each team will name a captain who will “seed” his players and then teams will compete head to head.  The one seeds will play blue to orange layout; the two seeds will play blue to yellow layout; the three seeds will play red to orange layout and all remaining pairings will play red to yellow layout.  One point will be awarded for each head to head win and two points will be awarded to the team with the lowest aggregate score.  TAG League Championship standings will be awarded based on individual scores.  Come on out for a jolly good time.

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Houser Wins Competitive TAG Match

Lee Houser won a close TAG League match on October 18, as four players finished within six shots of the lead.  Houser fired a one over par 55 to win the match and earn the number three TAG, followed by Chris Faunce at 56, Will Carson Grant at 58, Stan Juchno at 61, Steve Blackmer at 62, Roy Carter at 76 and Ryder Faunce at 80.  Will Carson Grant earned INNOVA Challenge match wins over Juchno and Carter.  The TAG League finishes it 2014 season next weekend.

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Ryder Cup Postponed

The SAWDG TAG League Ryder Cup match has been postponed due to inclement weather.  The match is rescheduled for 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 26.  The Ryder Cup match will close the 2014 TAG League season.

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